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What Our Surrogates Say

“You have been truly amazing in both your emotional support AND professionalism. I feel very lucky to have had such an amazing experience thus far and look forward to meeting the rest of the team! Let me know when we can schedule the video chat with MY new IP’s!!! Feels great to say that!!” – L.

“I just wanted to thank you guys for two wonderful surrogacy journeys! You guys did an outstanding job making sure not only your clients (the dads) were taken care of, but me (the surrogate) as well. I felt like you cared for me as much as if I was your client! Your care and concern for your surrogates is wonderful and much much appreciated. Although my days of being pregnant are over, I am sad that this chapter in my life is done. Your case manager system is great. Even for this second surrogacy, when I knew what I was doing. It made me feel like CFC was working for me also, not just for the dads.” –  P.

“From our first conversation (I remember it as if it was yesterday), I knew you all were good people. It has been great speaking with the team throughout this process. I pray that things work out for your other prospective parents and you are able to give every young lady who has the privilege to be a surrogate the same advice, support, and confidence with her decision that you gave my daughter. This experience will be very memorable in our lives. Again, thanks for everything.”  – C. (Mother of a CFC Surrogate)

“Thank you for your wonderful disposition. Thank you again for all your help and making this Surrogacy a wonderful experience with lots of laughs and support. You guys are the best!”  –  G.

“Working with CFC made the whole surrogacy process so much easier. I knew that I had someone who was able to answer my questions and advocate for me if necessary. The entire staff is very warm and friendly. They were there whenever I needed them. They also made a great match between me and my intended parents; they really took the time to make sure we were compatible. I’m glad that I was lucky enough to find Creative Family Connections.” –  L.

“If you are looking to have an experience that will change you forever, I would recommend trusting Creative Family Connections, for both seeking or bec”CFC has really been great with all the legal, administrative and financial aspect of this journey. Really amazing. I never concerned myself with it and you guys built 100% trust right away. I have definitely been impressed.” – K.