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The United States Surrogacy Law Map ™

State-by-State Gestational Surrogacy Law & Statutes

Surrogacy law, whether by statute or case law, is constantly evolving and changing. The laws are different from state-to-state, and sometimes even from county-to-county. We have compiled the leading state-by-state surrogacy law map as actually practiced in the 50 states. We know from daily practice that the laws as written can differ dramatically from how the laws are actually practiced in a number of states. Therefore, it is critically important that you arm yourself with knowledge and obtain legal representation to navigate the legal challenges that exist.

Surrogacy Legality: The Best States for Surrogacy

Click on any state on The US Surrogacy Map ™ for more information on surrogacy law in that state – as it is practiced, not just in theory.

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Surrogacy is permitted for all parents, pre-birth orders are granted throughout the state, and both parents will be named on the birth certificate. Go to the state page for more detailed information.


Surrogacy is permitted but results may be dependent on various factors or venue. In some birth states additional post-birth legal procedure may be required. Click on any state on the map for more detailed information.


* NY statute only applies if one parent is a NY resident. RI statute only applies if one parent is a US resident.

Note: The state where the baby is born must have a procedure to allow both parents to be named on the birth certificate without action in another state.



Proceed with caution. Surrogacy is practiced, but there are potential legal hurdles; or results may be inconsistent. Click on any state on the map for more detailed information.


Proceed with extreme caution. Surrogacy is practiced and courts issue parentage orders, but surrogacy contracts are void and unenforceable by statute. Click on any state on the map for more detailed information.



STOP! Statute or published case law prohibits compensated surrogacy contracts, OR a birth certificate naming both parents cannot be obtained. Click on any state on the map for more detailed information.


*Statute makes commercial surrogacy criminal in most cases.


Click the maps below for more information.



Our United States Surrogacy Law Map

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In What States Is Surrogacy Legal?

As an intended parent or someone interested in becoming a surrogate, it may come as a surprise that gestational surrogacy agreements are not legal in all 50 states. In the U.S., individual states have the power to determine the legality of surrogacy agreements and surrogate compensation. 

These nuances become even more complicated due to the ever-changing nature of these laws. Currently, states where compensated surrogacy is illegal include:

  • Nebraska
  • Lousiana
  • Michigan

When Should I Check the Legality of Surrogacy in My State?

Ideally, the best time to check the legality of surrogacy in your state — especially as a surrogate — is before starting the surrogacy journey. If you are an intended parent, you have more flexibility even if your state is not surrogacy-friendly.

What if I Live in a State Where Surrogacy Is Illegal?

If you are an intended parent and live in a state where surrogacy is banned, know that you have options. A vast majority of intended parents who live in states where compensated surrogacy is illegal choose to work with surrogates from other surrogacy-friendly states. A surrogate who wants to receive compensation for a surrogacy journey must live in a surrogacy-friendly state.

Do I Need Help From a Reproductive Lawyer?

Yes. Enlisting the help of a reproductive lawyer is extremely important. Intended parents often turn to surrogacy attorneys for help navigating the gestational surrogacy journey, including how to approach surrogacy legality in all 50 states, and obtaining parentage rights by a court parentage order.

A law firm, like Creative Family Connections, can:

  • Prepare a surrogacy contract
  • Provide detailed guidance throughout every step of the surrogacy process, including creating a comprehensive birth plan with the hospital for the surrogacy delivery
  • Match you to a gestational surrogate consistent with legal and ethical parameters
  • Help you obtain essential parentage orders and parentage documents

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At Creative Family Connections, we’re not just a surrogacy agency — We’re also a law firm that updates information about state-by-state surrogacy laws on a regular basis. Many surrogacy industry professionals and surrogacy agencies across the US rely on our surrogacy law map for up-to-date surrogacy legality information.

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