... Because Everyone Can Build a Family

The idea that “…Everyone Can Build a Family” is a founding belief for Creative Family Connections. Deciding to become a gestational surrogate is based on research, and the strong desire to help others. It may not always be an easy road but, In the end a surrogacy journey is one of the most rewarding things the women who have worked with Creative Family Connections have done.

We reached out to several surrogates who have been through the surrogacy process, or are currently in the process of completing their journey with Creative Family Connections to get their take on “Reasons to be a Gestational Surrogate.”  Their reasons truly come from the heart and we are so glad they have made the decision to help build a family through surrogacy!

1 – “To complete a family!” C.K.

2 – “Seeing the parents finally hold their babies was the most rewarding feeling ever! You get to make a difference in someone’s whole life.”, L.M.

3 – “The bonds that are formed between yourself and the Intended Parent(s) transcend every other type of relationship there is out there. It is precious and special. When I decided to become a surrogate, I knew I’d be helping another family grow. I didn’t realize that I was actually extending and growing my family as well with those very personal relationships with them.”, H.F.

4 – “The journey taught my children (and theirs) that families come in all shapes and sizes. Love makes a family.”, J.M.

5 – “If you have the power to help somebody, do it. The world needs more of that!”, H.F.

Do I qualify to be a surrogate mother?

Are you wondering how to get started on your journey to become a gestational surrogate? First answer these short questions to see if you might qualify:

Are you between the ages of 21-43?
Have you had at least 1 full-term, healthy pregnancy and delivery (no more than 5)?
Have you had no more than 2 C-sections?
Is your BMI 32 or lower?
Are you financially stable? (You must not be receiving government assistance.)
Do you live in a surrogacy friendly state? (You can check our map at www.surrogacymap.com to be sure!)

If you answered yes to those questions, you meet the basic requirements to be a surrogate mother. We invite you to take the first step today to making a family’s dream come true, while enriching the life of those around you! You can find our application at www.becomeasurrogatemother.com.

Do you have questions before applying? We’d love to chat about Creative Family Connections with you! Please contact us and find out more information about becoming a surrogate with us here.