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A CFC surrogate mother is a woman of integrity. She is full of compassion and derives a sense of purpose and accomplishment from helping others. She also has a clean physical and mental health history, stellar references, and a warm and stable home environment (as evidenced during an in-home meeting with a CFC team member.) She will be preliminarily approved by her own Obstetrician and by the Intended Parents’ IVF Center prior to being presented as a potential candidate, and will be fully medically and psychologically screened before the match is finalized and the GC Carrier contract is signed. Our over-arching standard is quite clear and simple: In order to match a surrogate to a CFC Intended Parent, we have to be able to say, without question, that we would be happy for this woman to carry our own baby.

Click a photo to “meet” some of the amazing surrogate mothers who have carried for CFC IPs in the past, or who are currently carrying for CFC parents.

All CFC surrogates are:

  • Healthy, with a healthy lifestyle and a stable home environment.
  • Committed to taking meticulous care of her health during a pregnancy.
  • Without any family or personal mental or physical health issues that could impede a pregnancy.
  • A nonsmoker, without any history of drug or alcohol abuse. Further, a CFC surrogate does not live in a smoking household, and is fully committed to refraining completely from any alcohol use, unauthorized drug use, or smoking throughout the period of conception and pregnancy.
  • Committed to maintaining a healthy diet and to taking the necessary prenatal vitamins/minerals according to the physician’s instructions/recommendations.
  • Within the age and Body Mass Index (BMI) guidelines of the Intended Parents’ IVF Center.
  • In possession of or able to acquire usable insurance with maternity coverage for a surrogacy.
  • Trustworthy and respectful of the Intended Parents’ confidentiality and privacy.
  • Willing to have regular contact with the Intended Parents throughout the surrogacy journey.
  • Willing to carry identical twins, should a single Embryo split into two.
  • Financially stable and secure, and not a recipient of government assistance.

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