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Surrogate Services Near Me

Sometimes, your life does not go exactly as planned. Perhaps you had always planned on being a parent and it just has not happened yet. This could be the case for many reasons, including a struggle with infertility, remaining single, or being in a homosexual relationship. It doesn’t matter exactly why you haven’t yet achieved your goal of being a parent; all that matters is that now you can- with the help of a surrogate. Gestational surrogacy allows a woman to carry and deliver a child to whom she is not biologically related; this is a surrogate mother. A gestational surrogate acts as the “host uterus” for a couple or individual who could otherwise not become parents.

You may begin your search thinking you either must or at least should try to find someone located near to you. This is a quite common assumption, but not necessarily always the right course of action. Many times, your surrogacy agency and also your surrogate mother end of being very far away from where you live. This could be a few states away, or even in another country. This is okay! Today’s modern technology makes keeping in touch via emails, phone calls, and even video chats very easy.

Of course, if you want to get to know your surrogate mother on a personal level and be in the position to attend doctor’s appointments, that is understandable and can be arranged by finding someone nearby. The most important thing is to find a surrogacy agency that listens to you and understands what you want out of this journey.

For many, this is Creative Family Connections. Our dedicated team has many years of experience connecting surrogate mothers with intended parents for a magical experience that ends with the birth of the child you have wanted for so long. We can be reached by phone at 240-235-6006 or via email at info@creativefamilyconnections.com.