Surrogacy Success Rates

The decision to pursue surrogacy is an emotional and exciting moment in the lives of intended parents. You may have been wanting to grow your family for some time. Your individual circumstances mean that assisted reproductive technology (ART) is a great option you have to expand your family. Surrogacy has become increasingly popular, especially in the last decade. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), intended parents have better chances of success with surrogacy than with other forms of ART.

Read on to learn more about surrogacy success rates and the many factors influencing these statistics.

What Is the Success Rate of Surrogacy?

In 2020, the CDC reported 326,468 ART cycles performed at approximately 450 IVF clinics nationwide. The use of assisted reproduction resulted in over 75,000 live births. The demand for ART is rising among intended parents — about 2% of all births in the country result from ART.

While these success rates are very promising, we understand that growing your family is an emotional experience, and you want to give yourself the best possible chance of having your own child. That’s why it’s important to know that surrogacy has the highest rate of success of any medical treatment. Here are just a few promising statistics surrounding surrogacy:

  • Among IVF clinics in the United States, the success rate for a healthy birth is as high as 75%. This percentage rises to 95% once the gestational surrogate is pregnant.
  • While in vitro fertilization (IVF) with a donor egg has a success rate of 52%, the national success rate for this number rises even higher when using a surrogate.
  • In addition, many of the IVF clinics Creative Family Connections intended parents work with have success rates above the national average.
  • Surrogacy now accounts for about 5% of all ART cycles performed in the US.
  • CFC is 100% successful in matching its Intended Parents to a Surrogate who receives both medical and psychological approval to proceed.

What Impacts Surrogacy Success Rates?

Reading about the success many people have found with surrogacy is exciting. Various factors can influence surrogacy’s success. If you’re ready to grow your family using surrogacy, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Age of egg: The age of the woman using or donating her egg is one of the most crucial factors determining the odds of a healthy pregnancy. In a surrogacy pregnancy, the result is that egg donors tend to be young, typically in their 20s, while a surrogate can be into her early 40s. Once a woman reaches 40, the quality of her eggs have declined … but not her ability to carry a successful pregnancy.
  • High-quality sperm: The quality of the sperm being used also plays a critical role in surrogacy’s success. Ideally, sperm should be used or donated from a healthy nonsmoker.
  • Maximizing the odds: Intended parents using donor eggs and a surrogate with a proven uterus make a combination for success. This means you have young eggs transferred to a surrogate who has had healthy pregnancies and delivered healthy babies. Success can be further increased if the embryos have undergone Pregenetic testing (PGT), so that only those embryos that are congenitally normal are transferred. In these cases, implantation rates and live births will be high, while miscarriage failed transfers and rates will be low.
  • Pre-screened surrogates: While the surrogate’s age is not as critical as the egg donor’s age, it’s still essential that surrogates meet a clinic’s rigorous medical criteria. A thorough agency, like Creative Family Connections, will do a rigorous pre-screening of all surrogate candidates to ensure they meet the specific IVF clinic guidelines and requirements before sending them for medical screening. Indeed, we will have your IVF clinic give medical pre-clearance to your surrogate candidate, after reviewing her OB and hospital records, as well as a form we send to her OB, before you ever meet her.
  • The surrogacy team: Intended parents can improve their chance of a successful surrogacy experience by working with well-established surrogacy experts like Creative Family Connections.

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