Gestational Surrogacy Maryland Overview

Surrogacy in Maryland

If you live in Maryland, you will be delighted to learn that surrogacy in Maryland is a straightforward process. The state is considered surrogacy-friendly and places few restrictions on the process.


Is surrogacy legal in Maryland?

Maryland is a Dark Green State!

The state of Maryland allows for gestational surrogacy under case-law and practice, including for singles, unmarried couples, those using their own gametes or donor egg, sperm, or embryo. Maryland is an LGBTQ friendly state. Intended Parents are able to obtain a Pre-Birth Order.

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Searching for the right surrogacy agency in Maryland will help you have a smoother experience during this critical journey. At Creative Family Connections, we are eager to work with you to achieve your dream. We believe that everyone can build a family, and we are here to help you do it. Our unique position as both a Maryland surrogacy agency and a law firm protects you throughout the process. We provide hands-on, proactive service throughout your journey. We have been helping parents and surrogates since 2001. We truly have seen it all, which enables us to best guide you on your journey.

Surrogacy laws in Maryland

Maryland puts few or no restrictions on surrogacy. The state allows single people, unmarried couples, and people using their own eggs, sperm, or embryo to build families via surrogacy. It is also an LGBTQ-friendly state when it comes to surrogacy. You can get a pre-birth order to recognize you as the legal parents of your newborn, even though you did not carry via pregnancy.

Maryland generally takes jurisdiction if the gestational surrogate lives there. The state doesn’t require any waiting period to be matched, meaning families can move into the process quickly.

How does surrogacy work in Maryland?

Maryland does have some restrictions on who can become a gestational carrier. You will need to:

  • Be between the ages of 21-43 (must deliver by or before 44).
  • Have had at least one child and currently be parenting one.
  • Have documentation of previous pregnancies, including uncomplicated deliveries.
  • Have a body mass index below 32.
  • Be a citizen of the United States or a legal resident or immigrant who has documentation valid for at least two years.

We look for healthy moms, who are not nonsmokers, who are eager to help intended parents achieve their dreams. The average surrogacy journey in Maryland costs $125,000+, but that can run higher depending on if the intended parents already have their embryos and many other factors. The intended parents cover expenses for the surrogate in addition to paying a base fee as compensation. Connecting a gestational surrogate to the intended parents can take several months. During that time, we complete a thorough pre-screening process for all new surrogate candidates, which includes references, background checks, a virtual in-home interview, and more.

Once the intended parents and gestational surrogate have agreed to move forward after their introductory meeting with their journey coordinator, the timeline speeds up. After psychological and medical screening, and the contract phase of the journey, a medication cycle for a first transfer can begin. The first embryo transfer may result in pregnancy, and if not, most surrogates and intended parents will continue to try several more times.

Throughout the process, we have a journey coordinator who handles all your questions. Our journey coordinators are also expert solution finders, and we work as a team to resolve conflicts. As a law firm, we keep information private. We can answer your legal questions based on our extensive knowledge and experience. We also ensure that your specific surrogate or intended match follows best legal practices based on many factors, such as residence of all parties. We will always go the extra mile to ensure your legal safety and satisfaction throughout the process.

Pursue your dream of building a family in Maryland

Maryland is a surrogacy-friendly state and a great place to find or be a surrogate, whether you live in Baltimore, Hagerstown, or Annapolis. The state is located on the ocean near the nation’s capital and offers many benefits. There are also many excellent OBGYN offices and hospitals in the area. Learn more about surrogacy in Maryland today by contacting Creative Family Connections.

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