... Because Everyone Can Build a Family


Creative Family Connections assists gay and lesbian couples in building families through gestational surrogacy. Our full-service agency is proudly recognized as a leader in surrogacy services for the LGBT community.

Our services range from providing expert legal advice, surrogate screening and surrogate matching to providing full case management and customized support throughout a surrogacy journey. Creative Family Connections is proud to support prospective gay men and women in fulfilling their dreams of parenthood.

We set everything up for you.

As a full-service agency we will be supporting you during the entire process. In addition to finding the perfect surrogate to carry your baby for you, we will prepare and negotiate your surrogacy agreement and coordinate a court strategy to ensure that you are declared the legal parents.

We will be holding your hand from beginning to end.

You will be assigned a case manager at the time we match you to your surrogate. Your case manager will ensure that the surrogacy relationship is as happy and as stress-free as possible throughout the entire journey.

Start with a surrogacy consultation. We are always more than happy to answer your questions.