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Job Title: Case Manager

Position Overview:

The Case Manager is responsible for supporting intended parents who are building their families through gestational surrogacy by working with gestational surrogates, fertility clinic staff, attorneys, insurance and behavioral health professionals, and other case managers throughout all phases of the surrogacy journey.

As an integral member of the team, the Case Manager utilizes his or her knowledge and skills to provide effective and supportive management of complex cases by coordinating all aspects of the psychosocial, legal, financial, and clinical services involved in a surrogacy journey.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

  1. Serve as a liaison between and among intended parents, surrogates, fertility clinics, delivery hospitals, health insurance agents, behavioral health, and legal professionals, and other external parties to build and maintain effective working relationships.
  2. Coordinate with staff of fertility clinics to facilitate the surrogate screening and cycling processes, including but not limited to scheduling clinical and psychological evaluation appointments for surrogates, managing pharmacy requests, following up on appointment outcomes, setting up monitoring at local clinics, and arranging for transportation and/or accommodations as needed on behalf of surrogates.
  3. Monitor the status of surrogates and intended parents to identify potential issues that require attention and, when necessary and/or appropriate, take action to address recognized areas of concern.
  4. Collaborate with team attorneys on case management to keep them apprised of case matters, and to ensure timely and effective responses to legal issues.
  5. Assess requirements and work with insurance experts to manage insurance needs for surrogates and newborns of international intended parents.
  6. Communicate regularly with intended parents and surrogates throughout the screening, cycling, pregnancy, and post-birth phases of the surrogacy journey and facilitate communication between the two; keep the rest of the team apprised of pertinent developments.
  7. Provide concierge-type services for intended parents as needed, such as arranging transportation and hotels for surrogates, breast-pumping rentals, advising on and assisting with gifts, etc.
  8. Accompany surrogates to key appointments at local fertility centers and other locations, and meet and/or support intended parents as needed, e.g., at match meetings and embryo transfers.
  9. Coordinate financial-related matters of each case, and coordinate flow of surrogate expense reimbursements and client invoicing with Operations Manager and Financial Manager, as well as payments to third-parties.
  10. Prepare and disseminate, on a regular basis, financial reports to intended parents and surrogates, and work with members of the financial team to provide detailed financial information when requested by intended parents, surrogates, and others.
  11. Prepare hospital birth plans, coordinating with team attorney, intended parent, gestational surrogate, delivery hospital social worker.
  12. Schedule and coordinate meetings for the purposes of facilitating matches between intended parents and surrogate candidates.
  13. Report on the status of assigned cases at weekly team meetings, or as requested, and input and maintain information on cases in electronic database.
  14. Assist in efforts to recruit surrogate candidates, including as-needed travel (local or out-of-state) to conduct in-home assessments of surrogate candidates, followed by preparation of a written in-home report.
  15. Assist in telephonic reference checks about surrogate candidates, and prepare written transcripts of same.
  16. Participate in regular staff meetings, staff training programs, agency development meetings, conferences, and other business-related events.
  17. Conduct pregnancy completion counseling session with surrogate after her pregnancy has ended.
  18. Accept responsibility for supporting the development of positive team relationships and ongoing team-building efforts.
  19. Other duties as assigned.

Desired Skills and Experience:


  • Minimum Educational Experience Required: Bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, or related field preferred
  • Minimum Professional Experience Required: One to three years of demonstrated case management competency and the ability to establish and maintain relationships with a variety of individuals and organizations (internship experience sufficient)
  • Experience working with persons in crisis or in an environment where appropriate and timely responses to urgent matters or situations are often required
  • Preference for a candidate who has experience in fertility and reproductive health matters, including issues specific to the LGBT population, an understanding of the fertility industry, and a working knowledge of related psychosocial issues.  At a minimum, a long-term interest in this area and familiarity with the issues involved.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Exceptional communication skills, including written, verbal, and listening.
  • Ease and professionalism when communicating with medical and legal professionals and a diverse client population
  • High level organizational skills (e.g., strong and detailed documentation skills) with an ability to monitor case load and maintain electronic case records efficiently
  • Ability to critically assess and problem-solve situations, including awareness of potential questions, conflicts, and consequences
  • Ability to establish authority and set appropriate boundaries and expectations (i.e., capacity to balance simultaneously friendliness and professionalism, or offer compassion while maintaining professional detachment)
  • Ability to work independently, prioritize workload, and analyze data
  • Ability to travel overnight as needed, locally or out-of-state
  • Ability to legally operate a motor vehicle and provide own transportation
  • Proficiency in MS Word and Excel
  • Ability to manage a caseload that is varied and unpredictable.

Preferred Qualities:

  • Confidence, and assertiveness when needed
  • A strong sense of and respect for confidentiality concerning clients
  • Self-starter; self-educator
  • Flexibility with regards to work schedule
  • Enjoys/prefers working in a team-building environment
  • Prefers work that requires managing effectively “lots of balls in the air” at once

Salary and Benefits: Commensurate with experience

Other Information: Headquarters are based in Chevy Chase, MD; position offers ample opportunity for telework

Please provide the following documents in support of your candidacy for this position:

  • Cover letter and resume when applying for this position, indicating clearly how your educational background and professional experience relate to this position, paying particular attention to the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities required
  • Names, email addresses, and contact telephone numbers for three professional references, and their relationship to you (e.g., former employer, colleague, supervisor, etc.)
  • Writing sample, limited to no more than three to five pages in length, and if possible, relevant to this position