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Start or continue building your family with Creative Family Connections! We provide gestational surrogacy services, concierge-level support, and legal expertise to prospective domestic and international parents in one dependable entity.

We are experts in the field of surrogacy, having assisted intended parents who dream of having a baby since 2001. We provide full service legal representation to ensure that your rights as parents are protected.

We do the matching and the legal work.

Creative Family Connections is a full-service agency. We take care of the legal details and find the ideal surrogate to carry your baby. Our surrogate matching services take into account your specific needs and requirements, as well as those of our gestational surrogate candidates.

We support you through the entire experience.

A CFC case manager will be assigned at the time we find your match to make sure the relationship between you and your surrogate is the best that it can be throughout your entire journey. Our main goal is to make surrogacy an amazing experience for all parties involved.

Why you need a surrogacy attorney

A surrogacy lawyer is necessary for every surrogacy journey to protect the rights of the intended parents and gestational surrogate. While working with a surrogacy agency is optional, a surrogacy attorney is non-negotiable. Surrogacy laws, the judge handling the case, and the situations of all individuals involved can vary greatly by state (and sometimes by county). Pursuing surrogacy without the protection and guidance of a surrogacy lawyer can sometimes result in unfavorable legal consequences. 

Additional reasons to use a surrogacy attorney include:

  • Expertise: A surrogacy agency and law firm has the skills to conduct a thorough vetting process of potential surrogates. A surrogacy lawyer can also outline what you can expect in terms of costs, potential challenges, and timelines, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Relationship management: A surrogacy attorney will help the surrogate and intended parents devise a mutual agreement concerning the degree of contact and involvement both parties will have during the pregnancy and beyond the journey. 
  • Dispute resolution: Although rare, a surrogacy lawyer will help resolve disputes between the intended parents and surrogates during the pregnancy in a legal and ethical manner. 
  • Compensation and finance management: A surrogacy attorney will help you address the topic of base compensation. They will know what associated costs are customary in a surrogacy journey and ensure you don’t owe inappropriate sums beyond the scope of the surrogate contract.
  • Contract drafting: A surrogacy lawyer can draft an enforceable surrogacy contract that addresses the contingencies that arise during a surrogate pregnancy. 

Benefits of working with reproductive rights lawyers

A surrogacy law and practice firm, such as Creative Family Connections, can:

1. Ensure your surrogacy is completed legally and ethically.

A surrogacy attorney will complete all necessary paperwork to protect the legal integrity of your surrogacy journey and ensure all documents are in place. They will follow up with any medical professionals involved in the process and ensure they follow legal surrogacy standards. An attorney can also foresee any risks or liabilities to protect all parties involved. 

Legal professionals can also weigh in on matters related to:

  • Navigating state laws as well as the gestational carrier’s state laws for safe surrogate and intended parent matching.
  • Protecting all parties involved in the egg donation agreement – if there is one – and the surrogacy agreement.
  • Residency and citizenship laws for international parents.

2. Establish parental rights for intended parents as early as possible.

A surrogacy lawyer can protect the intended parents’ rights in every surrogacy process. Because surrogacy laws vary by state, the steps needed to establish parentage in surrogacy will also vary. A lawyer will have the tools and expertise to navigate those crucial parts of the surrogacy journey. 

In most situations, intended parents do not automatically have parental rights for their baby after a surrogacy birth, especially if an egg, sperm, or embryo donor is used, without legal documentation to establish parentage. An experienced surrogacy law practice will know how to handle specific situations to enable the intended parents to be deemed the legal parents of their child. Top surrogacy agencies will also inform the necessary medical professionals of the fundamental legal rights associated with a surrogacy delivery via necessary documentation. We at Creative Family Connections are proud of our very detailed hospital birth plan, which is sent to the hospital around 20-25 weeks to inform hospital staff of the upcoming surrogacy delivery.

3. Establish parentage in surrogacy for lesbian parents.

A surrogacy attorney will ensure that lesbian parents and other same-sex couples are protected in the surrogacy process. 

Because same-sex parents pursuing surrogacy will only have one parent genetically related to their child, a surrogacy lawyer must take additional steps to establish rights for the non-genetically related parent. Surrogacy attorneys typically accomplish this through a stepparent adoption, second-parent adoption, or a pre-birth or post-birth order. 

4. Help you complete your surrogacy contract.

In every surrogacy journey, you must complete a surrogacy contract or gestational carrier agreement before the cycling process and embryo transfer can begin. A surrogacy contract covers multiple aspects of your surrogacy journey, including:

  • Responsibilities and expectations for intended parents and surrogates during the process.
  • Surrogate base compensation, reimbursements, and medical bills during the journey.
  • Selective reduction and termination.
  • Liabilities and risks for both parties.

Do I need to work with a local surrogacy lawyer? 

Although CFC welcomes our clients to visit us in our office when possible, your surrogacy attorney does not need to be local to you. We operate a global surrogate agency and law firm while maintaining our headquarters in Chevy Chase, Maryland. We also offer consultations at satellite offices in Reston, Virginia, and Tysons Corner, Virginia. 

A surrogacy attorney to represent the intended parent or parents does not need to be licensed or located in the state of the child’s birth. However, they must be well-versed with how fertility laws are structured and vary by state. Surrogacy attorneys who represent gestational surrogates in the contract must be licensed in the surrogate’s state of residence. 

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