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As you know, the baby you deliver will not be your genetic child. The attorneys at Creative Family Connections will file a petition for parentage in court to establish the Intended Parents’ parentage rights. In most cases, we request that a court order be granted prior to the child’s birth.

We will enlist your cooperation in whatever legal proceedings are required. It is very important that the court finds that the Intended Parents are the sole legal parents and that you have no parental obligations… or rights. Please note that you will never be asked to represent anything other than the absolute truth at any point in the process, nor will you be financially responsible for any of the costs of these court filings.

In fact, we operate above-board and in the open in all respects and we encourage you to follow suit. We want you to feel comfortable speaking openly about your role in the process whether it is to the staff at the hospital, the court, your doctor and, most importantly, to the Intended Parents. After all, the surrogacy relationship is and must be built on trust.