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Creative Family Connections is not just a surrogacy agency. It is a world-class law firm renowned for its 20+ years of experience in surrogacy law, assisted reproductive technology law, and assisted reproductive rights law. Our attorneys Diane Hinson and Jennifer McGill served as co-chairs on the Standards Committee of Seeds from 2021 to 2022, leading Seeds through the adoption of best practices for agency members. Our attorneys are also members of the American Bar Association Assisted Reproductive Technologies Committee, alongside other leaders in the industry.

In its capacity as a law firm, Creative Family Connections (CFC) represents legal clients in three ways:

  • Intended Parents, Surrogates, Donors, and Parents with surplus embryos: Even when CFC is not your surrogacy agency, CFC can provide you legal representation in a variety of assisted reproduction matters. 

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  • Intended Parents: When you are the Intended Parents and you have found a surrogate candidate, CFC can provide you legal representation plus we vet and support your surrogate candidate. This is an independent or “indie” journey. 

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  • Intended Parents: When CFC is your surrogacy agency, CFC can provide full legal support as your attorney, consistent with state law. 

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