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Creative Family Connections at Men Having Babies – New York 2015 | Conference Highlights

Creative Family Connections assisted at last year’s Men Having Babies Conference in New York City. In this video, Diane Hinson, Founder and Lead Attorney for Creative Family Connections, shared her experiences, as well as useful insights in regards to surrogate matching agencies, surrogacy laws and processes. She also describes the mission and vision of Creative Family Connections and our goal of developing a happy and stress-free surrogacy journey for all intended parents.

Surrogate Recruiting Manager, Samara Hutcheson describes the rigorousness of Creative Family Connections’ screening process and the way it is completed to ensure that every single one of our surrogates will be a great carrier for your baby. She also details the type and frequency of communication we have with all of our surrogates during a surrogacy journey.

Client Development Manager, Ruthi David goes through the initial requirements our surrogates need to meet in order to become part of our program: age, pregnancy history, marital status, financial situation, domestic environment, etc.

Finally, you will get to hear from Chelsea, one of our surrogates, who will share her last experience working with Creative Family Connections and couple from New York City.

It is a firm belief of Creative Family Connections that, “We only want women in our gestational surrogacy program that we will trust to carry our own baby if it was us.”