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A happily married mom of two young children, Shae lives in Georgia, and is surrounded by supportive family and friends in her community. She works as a nurse at her local hospital. She carried a baby girl for International dads in 2015.

Q & A

What led you to do a surrogacy?

I think it is wonderful to help families grow. I have children of my own and cannot imagine my life without them. If I can help other people achieve the joy I have from being a parent, why not?

How did you decide to work with Creative Family Connections?

After a good deal of research and speaking with other surrogates, they had a superior reputation for treating their surrogates well. The response from Intended Parents that had used them was very positive as well.

What was it like during the pregnancy?

Wonderful! Anything I needed or even wanted, all I have to do is ask and the team is there to assist me and the IPs. It really made this pregnancy the easiest of all of them, even with all of the legal jargon, notaries, and doctor visits.

What do you think it will be like seeing your IPs hold their baby for the first time?

Wow, how can I describe that feeling? Pride, accomplishment, relief, and joy, all wrapped up in pure excitement!

What would you tell potential surrogates about working with CFC and about doing a surrogacy in general?

Expect professional, honest, warm and personal service. Regarding surrogacy in general…I am due in two weeks and counting down days, hours, and minutes, but if asked if I would be a surrogate again? “Yes, without question!”

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