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A married mom of three boys, Michele is a third-time surrogate with CFC, delivering healthy twins in 2013, a baby girl in 2015, and another beautiful baby girl in 2018. She lives in Georgia, and is a stay-at-home mom. Her husband is a Federal employee.

Q & A

What led you to do a surrogacy?

Two very special people in my life struggled to have a baby and it broke my heart. It was very easy for me to be pregnant and I always wanted to be able to give that joy to someone else. I wish I could continue to bring this joy and love to everyone!

How did you decide to work with Creative Family Connections?

I read about them on different websites and called them. They spoke with such passion and such love that I could not think about working with anybody else. Everyone who works for this company loves working for them, and it is such a joy to talk to them. This company is not a company; it’s a family. That’s what I felt like during this process. I can’t imagine doing this with anyone but Creative Family Connections.

What was it like during the pregnancy?

I’ve had two journeys with Creative Family Connections and each one was different and special in its own way. I felt so much love and understanding from my Intended Parents, and have made lifelong friends. I had such great journey coordinators. They never made me feel that I was asking silly questions or that I was a bother. They made me feel 100% involved in everything that took place.

What was it like seeing your IPs hold their baby for the first time?

My husband said it best: “It’s not about the baby for us.” Yes, the baby is the end result, but it’s really about the parents, and helping them get to the point to where they are holding their own baby and making their dreams come true. I thank them for trusting me with such a blessing.

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