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A married mother of two children, Jessica lives in Delaware and works as a collection agent. She has a strong support system in her friends and family. She is currently cycling for her third surrogacy with Creative Family Connections.

Q & A

What led you to do a surrogacy?

I wanted to become a surrogate to give back in a really big way! I wanted to help change someone’s life and most importantly to show my own children how to be generous and how to sacrifice for others.

How did you decide to work with Creative Family Connections?

I choose to work with CFC again, because time and time again they have proven themselves. They understand that this is a group effort and everyone involved is essential in order to be successful! They are always willing to go that extra mile because it’s something that is important to them and something they are passionate about. I couldn’t ask for a better team!

What was it like during the pregnancy?

I think like most relationships the surrogacy relationship develops by trust. My Intended Parents trusted me to do what I needed to do and I trusted them to take care of the things they needed to on their end. My journey coordinator made sure I had everything I needed to be successful! She made sure all my travel was arranged and appointments were scheduled. Most importantly she made sure I was feeling good. If I was having a bad day or needed to talk about anything, she was there to listen. That meant a lot!

What was it like seeing your IPs hold their baby for the first time?

It’s hard to put into words… It was amazing, life changing, and the most beautiful feeling in the world. It was everything I needed it to be! There’s this undeniable love for bringing about this new life that we both shared. It was surreal!

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