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A married mother of two girls, Courtney lives in Alabama. She is a stay-at-home mom, and her husband is currently serving in the US Military. She has a strong local support network of family and friends. Courtney delivered a healthy baby boy for two Dads.

Q & A

What led you to do a surrogacy

I wanted to give this amazing, beautiful blessing of a child to someone who can’t have a child on their own. I just didn’t realize how rewarding it would be until the actual delivery!

What was it like working with Creative Family Connections?

I am so happy I was with Creative Family Connections. I couldn’t have asked for a better agency. The communication was amazing. If and when I decide to do another journey, I will be going right back to Creative Family Connections.

What was it like during the pregnancy?

I honestly could not have been matched with a better couple. They became our family. I loved sending them pictures of their growing baby. My journey coordinator, Melissa, was always there for me. I never once felt I was alone throughout the process.

What was it like seeing your IPs hold their baby for the first time?

Helping a family gave me pure joy. There was no better feeling then seeing their faces when they held their son for the first time. To see their eyes light up, that pure joy in their face – it’s an unbelievable feeling. When I started this journey, I thought I was changing someone’s life, but in return they also changed mine!

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