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Chatima is a working mom of three children. She and her husband, based in Atlanta, enjoy traveling, spending time with family, eating out, watching football and baseball, and doing home projects.

Q & A

What inspired you to become a surrogate?

I had always planned on being a surrogate for a dear friend of mine who is unable to carry a baby herself. When she decided she didn’t want to have kids anymore, I forgot about surrogacy until another friend completed her own surrogacy journey and I reached out to her for more info. Having my own fertility issues and knowing what that’s like, I wanted to help someone else achieve their dream of having kids of their own.

How did you decide to work with Creative Family Connections?

I looked around at a few different agencies websites, but I loved how CFC outlined the process for surrogates on their website. After reaching out and learning that a lot of the employees have been surrogates themselves, it made me feel like I was in good hands…and I was!

What was your surrogate pregnancy & journey like?

My surrogate pregnancy was like all of my other pregnancies, with the exception of the medications before transfer. I actually had less morning sickness this time around and got a lot more attention because everyone was so amazed that I was a surrogate. The journey was amazing mostly because of CFC. My case managers were very attentive before, during and even after the pregnancy. They always asked how I was doing and I never felt like an incubator.

What was it like seeing your IPs hold their baby for the first time?

Seeing my IP’s gush over their baby for the first time gave me all the feels. It reminded me why I went through this journey and why surrogacy is such an amazing gift.

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