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A single mom of a 7 year-old-daughter, Angie lives in Minnesota, where she works as an E-Commerce Specialist and coaches her daughter’s soccer team. Her friends and family supported her in giving what she felt was “the greatest gift”, when she delivered a baby girl for a deserving couple in 2015.

Q & A

What led you to do a surrogacy?

Over the years, I have watched friends and family members struggle with infertility, and I saw the toll it took on them both physically and emotionally. In being witness to those struggles, I was prompted to consider becoming a gestational carrier for a family in need. Though I knew I wanted to help, it was a big step and I had some uncertainties. Then, about 2 years ago, my best friend experienced a late term miscarriage. The emotional turmoil left behind from that experience was enough to solidify my decision. Nobody should ever have to suffer through that type of misfortune and struggle. Though I can’t take that pain away from everyone who experiences issues with fertility, I knew if I could help at least one family, it would be worth it.

How did you decide to work with Creative Family Connections?

When I decided that I wanted to journey down the path of gestational surrogacy, I knew it was important to find an agency that I felt comfortable with in such an intricate and important process. Through extensive research, I was able to compare and contrast all of the key features I was looking for in an agency against the top agencies available in the U.S. I require a high level of detail and understanding in all things I do, and CFC was great at providing me with everything that I needed through personal communication and immediate information provided on the site. I also thoroughly reviewed personal experiences of both families and surrogates who had partnered with CFC in the past on their journeys. It was important to me to find an agency that valued both the Intended Parent(s) and Surrogates equally in the process, providing a personal and supportive experience. In all of my research, CFC came in far ahead any of the other agencies I had looked at.

What was it like during the pregnancy?

When I look back on the 9 months I was pregnant, the overwhelming word that comes to mind is “bonding.” The process of being a gestational surrogate is an intricate one that consists of numerous components to reach the desired outcome. However, once the pregnancy was confirmed, things quieted down and I felt like that was the time that my IPs and I really were able to enjoy getting to know each other on a deeper level and create the bond that will now last the rest of our lives. We shared in big moments like hearing the heart beat for the first time and revealing the gender of the baby. But I also enjoyed the small moments we shared such as the kindness they showed me when I was experiencing some first trimester illness. It was during the pregnancy that we met each others’ families and communicated about the upcoming milestones. Toward the end of the pregnancy, we discussed the role we would share in each others’ lives going forward and the personality traits that the baby was already showing pre-birth. It was during the pregnancy that my IPs went from being a nice couple I had met to a part of my family.

What was it like seeing your IPs hold their baby for the first time?

Watching my IPs hold their newborn baby girl for the first time was one of the most amazing experiences I have gotten the privilege of being a part of. I was truly witnessing years of struggle and heartache wiped away in one single moment. It was amazing to see everything we had worked toward in the previous months come to fruition at that moment, and I was so grateful!

What would you tell potential surrogates about working with CFC and about doing a surrogacy in general?

CFC was a great partner to have throughout the surrogacy journey! Jen was the most amazing support through the entire process! She was there to celebrate with me in the moments of success and there to support me in moments of stress and frustration. I couldn’t imagine having gone through this experience without her support. From start to finish, everyone at CFC provided quick and detailed information when it was needed and ensured that each part of the process went as smooth as possible. I am so grateful for their kindness and guidance for both myself and my IPs. Knowing everything I know now, I would choose CFC and Jen time and time again.

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