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Congratulations! Your Agreement for Services has been signed and your payment has been received. What’s next?

​At this time, we immediately begin considering you for all viable GC candidates. Our screening process is second to none, and we know that our surrogates are the best in the industry. The average wait time for a match is six to nine months. Sometimes it happens sooner, but it is extremely important that you set a realistic expectation for your search timeline. We feel humbled and gratified to make matches that are to the benefit of the surrogate and Intended Parents alike.

  • All women who are accepted into the CFC surrogacy screening program share common basic qualifying factors:
  • Resides in a state where surrogacy is legal, and where we can fully protect our Clients’ parental rights
  • Has had at least one full-term uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery
  • Is raising her own child/children
  • Is between the ages of 21 and 43
  • Has a healthy height/weight ratio
  • Is financially secure and is not on government assistance
  • Is not being treated for/is not on medication for depression or anxiety
  • Is not a smoker
  • Has no history of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Agrees to defer to the Intended Parents’ decisions on the important pregnancy issues

Further to these basic qualifying factors, CFC further screens all candidates to include reference checks, an in-home visit, and surrogacy clearance from her own OB/GYN prior to presenting you with a candidate’s package for consideration. Assuming you wish to move forward with the candidate presented to you, we will send her your “Dear Surrogate” letter. Upon a positive response to your letter, we will coordinate a match meeting with the candidate which will be facilitated and mediated by a CFC Case Manager who will be appointed specifically to handle your case going forward. If, after the meeting, all parties agree that they desire to move forward together, we will consider the “unofficial” match to be made. At this point, the GC candidate will no longer be available for consideration for any other CFC Clients and finalization of the match is dependent only upon full medical clearance from your IVF Center and a psychological clearance. Your GC candidate will then proceed to the IVF Center and psychological screening for full approval as your surrogate. When the candidate has passed full medical and psychological screening the match will be considered official, and at that point a contract will be executed between you and the GC.

The more specific and/or unusual your requirements, the longer it may take for a match. We know that this waiting period is difficult, and at times, frustrating. We also want you to know that we review applications on a daily basis in order to stay on top of them in real time. We intensely screen every viable candidate to ensure that in the end, we have stacked the deck to the fullest extent possible to increase the odds that your candidate will sail through her full medical and psychological screening once we have presented her to you as a potential surrogate. We truly believe that it is better to wait a bit longer on the front end while we thoroughly screen each potential surrogate than it would be to immediately present you with multiple candidates who are not ultimately qualified.