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Once we have identified a candidate who we believe is a perfect match for you, we will prepare her package for review. This package will include her annotated application, reference checks, in-home report, and photos.

At this point, you can rest assured that we have also run her application and doctor’s form through your IVF clinic and received an initial green light to proceed with her as a candidate. (Please note that this is not a guarantee that she will pass medical screening, but it is an initial approval to move forward, based on the fact that there are no disqualifying medical flags in her application or medical history.)

Once her package is complete, the Recruiting Team will send it to you for your review. We will then ask you to take a day or two to review the package and decide if you would like to move forward with this candidate. Assuming that you say yes, we will take your “Dear Surrogate” letter, personalize it to her attention, and forward it to her for review. (Just as you will not receive a “pool” of surrogates from which to choose, neither do our surrogate candidates receive a “pool” of letters. The match is customized, and is a one-on-one experience.)

At the point that the candidate also agrees to move forward, you will be assigned a designated Case Manager whose first order of business will be to coordinate a match meeting. The meeting can happen either in-person or by web conference, depending on geographic location, and will be arranged by CFC. Your designated Case Manager will be in the meeting with you to facilitate the conversation and keep the meeting on track. You will have a chance to get to know one another, ask questions, and review your preferences. Once the meeting has concluded, we will regroup, and get your feelings on moving forward. If everyone is in agreement – the journey begins!