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“Do you match Intended Parents in the order in which they sign on? Is there a line?”

If all things were equal, and if all clients and surrogates were the same, then we certainly would match all of our Intended Parents in the order in which they started the process with CFC. In reality, it is much more complicated. In an instance where ALL things actually are equal – that is, in an instance where we have two sets of Intended Parents who have the same basic requirements and preferences, and a newly screened candidate who is an equally good match for either set of IPs – then we would give preference to the IPs who have been waiting the longest. But taking the uniqueness of each client and each surrogate’s needs into account, it becomes evident that in most instances, there will be clear reasons as to why a certain candidate is an obvious match for a particular set of IPs, and why she may have to bypass others – even if some IPs have been waiting longer for a match.

Because of all of the above, matching cannot and will not happen “in order” every time. This is also the reason that it would be next to impossible to provide a bi-weekly “accounting” of the matches considered for each Intended Parent who is waiting. In order to do so, we would have to spend most of our time examining data and statistics and much less of our time screening potential surrogates. This is why trust is so important. At this phase of the process, we are going to need you to trust that we are considering every option for you, even if it sometimes seems that nothing changes from one month to the next. We will, however, keep you updated as we identify potential candidates, and will let you know how the screening process is progressing – even if it means telling you that we have nothing to report. We can promise that we are always looking at every possibility – and that in the overall scheme of things, we will all be confident in the knowledge that we took the time needed to make the “stars align” for the perfect match for your specific journey.