... Because Everyone Can Build a Family


“How does it stack up, and with so many applicants, why can’t you make matches immediately?”

We review applications in real time, every day.

  • We receive, on average, between 150 and 200 pre-applications from potential surrogates every month.
  • Of those, about 75% are disqualified instantly, due to an answer that automatically excludes them from consideration. ​
  • Of the one quarter of women who will move on to qualify for and fill out the full application, approximately two thirds will either be disqualified based on our initial review, or will become non-responsive to our requests for more information.
  • Of those who are accepted into our official CFC pre-screening program after a successful vetting of their full application, about half will withdraw from the process before screening is complete.
  • Of the remainder, another half will either disqualify during our pre-screening process or will have to be put on indefinite hold for personal or medical reasons.

Ultimately, we disqualify approximately 98% of all initial applicants.

​This number is very consistent, and rarely varies more than 1-2% from month to month. The actual number of applications received and the specific number of candidates at each stage of the process at any given time may vary more substantially from month to month.