... Because Everyone Can Build a Family


At Creative Family Connections, we pride ourselves on our individualized attention to each surrogacy journey. While there are some things that each journey will have in common, we recognize that every parent’s journey will be unique. We strive to manage each of our cases in a way that caters to the individual needs of every client. To that end, we provide customized services and support to each of our clients, and each Gestational Surrogate, to the extent that each case requires.

As soon as you are matched to your surrogate, you will also be “matched” to your dedicated CFC Case Manager. She will facilitate every aspect of the process, from coordinating screening appointments for your surrogate, to providing a monthly financial snapshot of your funds, to providing concierge services and assisting with “little things that mean a lot” – arranging for flowers and gifts for your surrogate or coordinating ground transportation. In short, your Case Manager will be there for you and your surrogate every step of the way.

Twice per month our team meets to go through each case in detail, in order to stay apprised of every client’s status. Although it is important that you have a designated point person in your Case Manager, our entire team remains available to support you at any time.