... Because Everyone Can Build a Family


A Creative Family Connections surrogate is a woman with a high level of integrity. She is full of compassion and feels a deep sense of purpose in helping others. While many of the women we work with and their families benefit from being able to save up for a college fund for their children or themselves, or making a downpayment on a new home, their primary motivations for pursuing a surrogacy journey are compassionate and pure. They are emotionally invested in providing someone or a couple with the kind of family they are so grateful to have. And a lot of the time, they simply miss being pregnant, but are so done with diapers! They feel that their family is complete and wish to provide that kind of joy to another family. 

Our surrogates also have a clean physical and mental health history, stellar friends and family references, and a warm and stable home environment. They are preliminarily approved by their own OBGYN and by your IVF clinic prior to being presented as a potential surrogate. They are also medically and psychologically screened before a match is finalized and the surrogate and intended parent contract is signed. In order to match a surrogate to a CFC intended parent, we have to be able to say, without question, that we would be grateful for this woman to carry our own child.

All CFC surrogates are:

  • Healthy, with a healthy lifestyle and a stable home environment.
  • Committed to taking meticulous care of her health during a pregnancy.
  • Without any family or personal mental or physical health issues that could impede a pregnancy.
  • A nonsmoker, without any history of drug or alcohol abuse. Further, a CFC surrogate does not live in a smoking household, and is fully committed to refraining completely from any alcohol use, unauthorized drug use, or smoking throughout the period of conception and pregnancy.
  • Committed to maintaining a healthy diet and to taking the necessary prenatal vitamins/minerals according to the physician’s instructions/recommendations.
  • Within the age and Body Mass Index (BMI) guidelines of the Intended Parents’ IVF Center.
  • In possession of or able to acquire usable insurance with maternity coverage for a surrogacy.
  • Trustworthy and respectful of the Intended Parents’ confidentiality and privacy.
  • Willing to have regular contact with the Intended Parents throughout the surrogacy journey.
  • Willing to carry identical twins, should a single Embryo split into two.
  • Financially stable and secure, and not a recipient of government assistance.

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