International Surrogacy

For International Parents

CFC’s clients come from all over the world to obtain CFC’s compassionate support and creative and skilled legal expertise.  Approximately 25% of Creative Family Connections’ surrogacy clients are international. CFC Intended Parents have come from such diverse countries as Spain, France, Germany, the UK, Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, China, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Costa Rica, and Japan.


Creative Family Connections supports international surrogacy clients

Creative Family Connections is well suited to support our international surrogacy clients. E-mail, text, and videoconferencing methods allow us to communicate with our clients easily and often throughout matching, screening, cycling, and the pregnancy. This allows peace of mind for intended parents who do not live in the United States. We require at least one parent to speak English sufficiently fluently to be able to communicate directly with the surrogate. This gives the Surrogate peace of mind that she will have a good relationship with her intended parents.

At Creative Family Connections, we only match intended parents with a gestational surrogate who has completed our comprehensive screening process. Our team is committed to helping intended parents worldwide realize their dreams of starting a family. We will ensure your surrogacy journey in the United States is legal and ethical.

Our legal strategy streamlines the matching process and surrogacy journey

We also work closely with local counsel in the clients’ home country to develop a legal strategy that is based on the most current legal requirements for a surrogacy journey. Our matching process is then inextricably intertwined with the legal strategy, in order to maximize the ease of your return to your home country after your baby is born. Of course, our knowledge of the various US laws and how they work with international law is very helpful to our integrated matching strategy. We also work with our international intended parents to determine how they will obtain a newborn insurance policy for their newborn child. So long as we plan ahead and stay in close communication, the international surrogacy journey can be just as enjoyable for intended parents coming from afar as it is for our clients who are just around the corner.

How surrogacy works in the United States

Surrogacy is governed under state statute or case law, as there are no federal surrogacy laws in the United States. Creative Family Connections is a surrogacy agency and law firm that is up to date on U.S. state surrogacy laws and regulations. We work hard to ensure your journey to parenthood is as smooth as possible.

Creative Family Connections is proud to match you to incredible gestational surrogates — women who are not only healthy and meet the necessary requirements, but are also educated, sincere, motivated, and excited to help someone build a family. All of our surrogates are thoroughly vetted and examined to ensure a safe, stable lifestyle, good health, and successful pregnancy birth history. Intended parents can expect approximately 15 to 24 months from the initial application to the arrival of their baby.

Why the United States is ideal for surrogacy

International parents prefer the United States for surrogacy services due to its favorable medical, societal, and legal conditions. Almost all U.S. states permit commercial surrogacy, making it an ideal country for surrogacy services.

The European Court of Human Rights, for example, has ruled that it is the child’s right to be recognized for citizenship, even if a country does not recognize surrogacy, so long as the country where the parents traveled to recognizes surrogacy as legal. This right is embedded in our Constitution. There are few countries in the world that allow commercial surrogacy to the extent as the US ( and who have such advanced medical technology.

Your child will be born a U.S. Citizen

You can rest assured that any child born in the U.S. is a United States citizen. Your baby is entitled to a U.S. passport for travel purposes and will receive a U.S. birth certificate.

Creative Family Connection’s surrogacy lawyers and a surrogacy lawyer who is licensed in the state where your surrogate resides, will perform the legal work necessary to establish parentage rights. When we complete the legal paperwork, you will be the sole physical and legal parents under American law.

Once you have your child’s US birth certificate, you can obtain a US passport for the child. We will put you in touch with a passport service that can assist you to obtain an expedited passport.

What to consider before you begin the international surrogacy process

Before you pursue international surrogacy, we recommend considering the following:

  • Expect extensive preparation and planning in the form of legal contracts, decisions, and meetings — know that it will all be worth it!
  • Once you have selected your agency, then it is time to select your IVF clinic. We are not affiliated with any IVF clinics, but we are happy to make a recommendations based on the experiences of our past CFC intended parents.
  • If you will need an egg donor as well, remember that the embryo creation process can take time! While you are waiting for us to match you to a surrogate, you should start the embryo creation process. We will not match you to a surrogate until you have created embryos.

Learn more about international surrogacy with Creative Family Connections

As you consider pursuing international surrogacy, it’s only natural to have questions along the way. With over 20 years of experience, Creative Family Connections has helped people worldwide navigate their journeys to parenthood.

By working with an international surrogacy agency and law firm in the U.S. such as CFC, you can experience a more stress-free, enjoyable surrogacy and start building the family you dream of!

For more information on any of our services, please click the button to fill out our Request for Information Form.

For more information on any of our services, please click the button to fill out our Request for Information Form.