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Approximately 40% of Creative Family Connections’ surrogacy clients are international. Intended Parents have come from such diverse countries as Spain, France, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, Italy, Denmark, Costa Rica, and Australia.

Creative Family Connections is well suited to support our international surrogacy clients. Modern technologies such as e-mail, text, and videoconferencing methods allows us to communicate with our clients easily and often throughout matching, screening, cycling, and pregnancy. This allows peace of mind for Intended Parents who are not close by.

We also work closely with local counsel in the clients’ home country to develop a legal strategy that is based on the most current legal requirements. Our matching process is then inextricably intertwined with the legal strategy, in order to maximize the ease of your return to your home country. Of course, our knowledge of the various US laws is very helpful to our integrated matching strategy! We also work with our international clients to determine how they will obtain health insurance for their newborn child. We find that if we plan ahead and stay in close communication, the international surrogacy journey can be just as enjoyable for intended parents coming from afar as it is for our clients who are just around the corner.

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