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Cost and Financing for Intended Parents

Creative Family Connections is committed to making your journey to having a child via surrogacy as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. While the total cost of surrogacy varies based on the individual and situation, your case manager will help you plan for your family’s future and ensure you understand any potential charges.


Many lenders specialize in providing loans to couples looking for gestational surrogacy financing, but surrogacy loan rates can vary. Consider:

  • Borrowing from 401(k) plans – You pay interest to yourself!
  • Applying for a home equity loan or line of credit.
  • Using credit cards (but be careful; interest rates are wickedly high).

Some companies to contact for fertility-specific financing loans are:

(Note: These are NOT CFC affiliated companies and we cannot vouch for them.)


Community fundraising events are an excellent way for intended parents to fund their surrogacy journeys. Some fundraising options include:

  • Online crowdfunding. Use sites such as Kickstarter to share your surrogacy journey and find out how friends and strangers can easily donate.
  • Turning a hobby into a business. Sell your services or homemade goods on sites such as Etsy and put your profits toward financing your surrogacy journey.
  • Community events. You can recruit community members to help you raise money and accept donations for your surrogacy process. Silent auctions and garage sales are common ways intended parents receive financial help for surrogacy.


As an intended parent, you may earn free funds for your surrogacy through surrogate and fertility grant programs. Each of the following programs has different application requirements, so it’s essential to fully research each option to determine which is best. (Note: These are NOT CFC grants and we cannot vouch for them.)

Contact Creative Family Connections for surrogacy financial information

Since 2001, Creative Family Connections has been helping intended parents make their dream of starting a family or expanding their family a reality. As both a surrogacy agency and law firm, we have the knowledge and expertise to refer you to the best financial resources to meet your needs. The guidance you receive can help you save money throughout the surrogacy journey.

Contact CFC today to get started, learn more about surrogacy payments, and the average cost of a surrogacy journey at our agency.

Contact CFC today to get started, learn more about surrogacy payments, and the average cost of a surrogacy journey at our agency.