Independent Journey Support

Independent Journey Support

Are you an intended parent who found a gestational surrogate independently and want to know if she is right for you? We can prescreen your candidate with the same due diligence as if she applied to our Creative Family Connections surrogacy program. You can select a level of prescreening that only an experienced, reputable agency can provide. We give you options to select the level of prescreening that is right for you, based on how well you know the surrogate candidate. Please note, this is not the formal medical or psychological screening that an IVF Center or a qualified mental health professional provides. However, we will include medical pre-clearance and mental health clearance if you choose that level of screening.

Should you wish for Creative Family Connections to prescreen your surrogate candidate, you may also choose full journey coordination support throughout your surrogacy journey. If you select this option, CFC will assign a journey coordinator to support you and your surrogate throughout the process from formal screening to post-birth. She will book travel arrangements for your surrogate, facilitate schedules, monitor bill payments, and proactively update and answer questions from you and your surrogate. She will also facilitate communication between you and your surrogate (striking a comfortable balance of communication exchange), as well as any necessary communications and actions with any pertinent third-party professional to keep the surrogacy on track. The professionals include, but are not limited to, the IVF Center, mental health professional, physician, hospital, etc. (for example, we will prepare a hospital birth plan on your behalf before the delivery).

It is our greatest privilege to provide you competent, experienced prescreening for your surrogate. If desirable, we are honored to also provide you compassionate support during your surrogacy journey.

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