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Important Forms

Please download this form to send to the OBGYN that treated you for your pregnancies. You should also request your prenatal and delivery records from your doctor. We strongly recommend that you utilize your office’s patient portal to download your medical records. This will help in speeding up the screening process. Often times, if you do not currently have a patient portal account, your office can assist in setting one up. We are always happy to help if you have trouble requesting this form or your records from the provider.


The Surrogate Waiver is included in your original paperwork sent via DocuSign. It states that you plan to move forward with us as a candidate for surrogacy. It also states that while we are not your legal representative, you will have your own independent legal counsel who will represent you in the process. This is for your own protection, as it is vital that you have your own legal counsel looking out for your interests. (And the IPs will pay for this, not you.) You will also find the option to sign on to our Exclusive Surrogate Program, which entitles you to a $250 bonus at the time of matching, should you decide to work exclusively with CFC during the screening process.

The HIPAA form and Waiver are included in your original paperwork sent via DocuSign. Should you need to complete another form in the future, you may download this to provide to your Case Manager.