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How to Choose a Surrogacy Agency

The journey to become a parent has not gone as you originally planned. You and your partner were not able to get pregnant and stay pregnant, or you were not able to find a partner like you had hoped to. Does this sound familiar? Or perhaps, you are gay and you knew this would be your eventual route. Whatever the reason, it is now time to begin looking into Surrogacy in order to become a parent. That means you need to find a Surrogacy Agency. But how? As you do your research, be sure you find a Surrogacy Agency that has the following characteristics:

#1 They are a full-service Surrogacy Agency. This means they do more than just find a Surrogate Mother for you. You want a team who serves their Intended Parents as both a Surrogacy Agency and a law firm, by providing surrogate matching services, concierge level support, and legal services – all in one integrated entity.

#2 They offer financial help. Surrogacy is expensive. Just because you can’t afford to pay a lump sum right now doesn’t mean your Surrogacy journey has to wait, though. A dedicated agency will help connect you to financial means to begin, one you can trust and has no predatory terms.

#3 They have a strict matching process. The woman who will eventually become your Surrogate will have gone through an extensive selection process, including multiple interviews, a home visit, and even medical evaluation. Only the best will do! Once a candidate has satisfied all required components of the screening process, she becomes eligible for matching to like-minded intended parents. Only 2% of the initial candidates make it through to the end of this funnel at Creative Family Connections.

#4 They work internationally. Your Surrogate Mother may not be in the same area as you, maybe not even in the same country! Don’t worry, though. You will still maintain regular contact and communication with her through the pregnancy, often via video calls.

Creative Family Connections is all of these! We’ve been helping people become parents for more than fifteen years. We are a full-service Gestational Surrogate Matching Agency and law firm headquartered in Maryland, in the Washington, DC metro area. We help prospective parents of all kinds (gay and straight, partnered and single, domestic and international) build families through Gestational Surrogacy with rigorously screened surrogate mothers. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to help you become a parent.