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Find a Surrogate Mother Near Me

Gestational surrogacy allows a woman to carry and deliver a child to whom she is not biologically related; this is a surrogate mother. A surrogate will act as the “host uterus” for a couple or individual who could otherwise not become parents. Do you think this describes the type of services you need? If you are struggle with infertility, single, or in a homosexual relationship yet badly want to have a child, keep reading to learn more.

While you may image finding a surrogate mother in your current town and going to doctor’s appointments with her, this is not always the case. You need to find the right fit, not the closest fit. This is too important! Many times, the perfect surrogate match for you is a woman across the state, in another state, or even in another country. This will not be a problem, though. Today’s technology makes video calls, emails, and other forms of communication simple so you will still be in touch as often as you would like. Of course, if being close is important, simply tell your agency that and they can arrange for that too. The choice is yours, because this is your journey!

You want a surrogacy agency with years of experience and a lot of love in their hearts. For many, the right answer is Creative Family Connections. Our dedicated team has many years of experience connecting surrogate mothers with intended parents for a magical experience that ends with the birth of the child you have wanted for so long. We can be reached by phone at 240-235-6006 or via email at info@creativefamilyconnections.com.