Find A Surrogate in Maryland

Finding a Surrogate in Maryland

Maybe you have dreamed of having a baby for years, but have faced fertility hurdles making that dream a reality. Maybe you are an LGBTQIA+ couple or a single intended parent and want a genetic connection to your child. No matter your background, you can become a parent through surrogacy. Working with an agency like Creative Family Connections, which is also a law firm, can simplify your journey tremendously. We take care of all the details so you can enjoy the surrogacy journey, prepare for parenthood, and maintain your work-life balance.

We have helped many Maryland residents become parents. In fact, our headquarters are located in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Creative Family Connections offers gestational surrogacy options for intended parents across the country, including Maryland. Our founding principle is that everyone can build a family, and that remains our mission today. Our experienced team is here to help you. You can begin by learning more about the surrogacy laws in Maryland and the process of finding a surrogate.

Finding a surrogate as an intended parent in Maryland

At Creative Family Connections, we match you with a surrogate who meets all your preferences. We do work with women who want to become surrogates all across the country. As a surrogacy agency and law firm, we will do the intricate legal work involved in preparing a surrogacy agreement on behalf of the legal parents. We also work to find the right match for all parties involved in the journey. Surrogates have independent legal counsel, while we typically represent the intended parents. Also, we assign a journey coordinator to work with you each step of the journey. If challenges arise, we work together as a team to find appropriate solutions based on our real-life experiences since 2001!

Each surrogacy journey is different. We recognize this and tailor our services to meet your unique needs, providing the personal support you require as an intended parent. Our gestational surrogates live in surrogacy-friendly states. They undergo a thorough screening process that results in our accepting only 2% of all women who apply with us as surrogate candidates.

Once you are matched with a gestational surrogate, you will meet and have the chance to ask each other questions, with the guidance of your journey coordinator. The process starts to unfold as quickly as possible after everyone agrees to move forward. A surrogate undergoes formal medical and psychological screening. You will all meet jointly with the psychologist as well to discuss various aspects of a surrogacy journey. The surrogate contract process is completed with the assistance of CFC attorneys and the surrogate’s chosen Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) attorney. Once the contract is complete, the surrogate begins to take medications to thicken the lining of her uterus and undergoes monitoring, leading to the first embryo transfer. We all hope this transfer will result in a first transfer pregnancy! If not, she will likely await her menstrual cycle, reset, and start to cycle again.

Costs of surrogacy in Maryland

The costs associated with surrogacy depend on a variety of factors. At Creative Family Connections, we believe surrogacy should be within reach for anyone. That’s why we recommend financial aid options, including grants, fundraising, and loans. Our team discusses your options openly and honestly, and we will work together on anything that comes up. Our team will work with you to find a solution and provide proactive support during every step of the process.

The US Surrogacy Law Map™

Surrogacy laws are different from state to state across the US. We have compiled the leading state-by-state surrogacy law map that features laws as actually practiced in all 50 states.

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