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How Much Does Surrogacy Cost?

Surrogacy is complex, no matter how you approach it. We approach it carefully, cautiously and with the intent of protecting your legal rights to the maximum extent possible. This requires carefully screening and selecting your gestational surrogate and carefully crafting a legal agreement on your behalf. We set flat fees, so that you have predictability, and we set our fees as a direct function of the time we spend on your case. Our legal services, case support fees, and surrogate screening fees are all included as integral parts of our process:

We are your attorney, and you are our Legal Client. We will thoroughly vet your legal requirements for matching with your surrogate dependent on the state where she lives, and we will draft a comprehensive Gestational Carrier Agreement on your behalf, as your legal representative.

Your Case Manager will typically be in touch with you and your surrogate every week – and at critical times, even more often. Our case support is all-inclusive and is completely hands-on. Our goal is to take care of the details so that you can enjoy this amazing experience.
Prior to being presented with a GC candidate, you will rest assured that she has been thoroughly vetted by CFC. Her friend, family, and professional references will have been interviewed, a CFC Case Manager will have met her in her own home, and she will been evaluated by your IVF Center physician to ensure that she is qualified as a candidate for Gestational Surrogacy at your IVF Center. Our standards are the highest in the industry. This ensures that once presented with a candidate, the odds are stacked to the greatest extent possible that she will sail through her medical and psychological screening. It is only at this point that your match is finalized and your GC Agreement is executed.