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Throughout your search, you will be in contact with our Recruiting Team, who will provide you with an ongoing general overview of how your search is progressing.

First and foremost, we want you to know that we are working actively, each and every day, to screen candidates in real time. The numbers of candidates applying, screening, and disqualifying will vary from month to month, as will the requirements, preferences, and needs of both our Intended Parents and our incoming candidates for surrogacy. At the same time, every single day we add new candidates to our screening program, while disqualifying others. For this reason, the “snapshot” will not be the same from one day to the next. This is why it would be very difficult to provide a fully detailed and relevant accounting to each Intended Parent about exact numbers of on a given date, and to detail all of the factors that went into screening, disqualifying, and matching (or not matching) all of our IPs and all of our GC candidates during a specific “snapshot” of time. If we were to attempt to run numbers for all of our Intended Parents about all of the many limiting criteria presented by each candidate, and how it affected their specific search over a two week period, we would quite honestly spend all of our time running numbers and statistics, and would not have the time to dedicate to screening our surrogate candidates thoroughly or efficiently. That is why we must ask you to trust that at any give time, we have considered all existing possibilities and are moving on to the constantly evolving new stream of candidates and carefully considering each of them for you – every single day.

The CFC prescreen is a time-intensive and constantly evolving process. At every step along the way, the possibility exists for a candidate to be disqualified. We will let you know when we are considering someone for you, but please be aware that the odds are rather high that she may end up being disqualified before we are able to present her to you as a potential match. This may happen several times before we identify that “perfect someone”, but you will never be presented with a candidate’s profile until we have completed her full CFC screening process – including receiving her doctor’s form from her Obstetrician, having her records preliminarily reviewed by your IVF Center physician, completing her references, and completing a successful home interview.