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Once your Gestational Surrogate is discharged from the IVF Clinic, the remainder of the pregnancy will proceed much like any other pregnancy. Your Gestational Surrogate will see her own OB/GYN, but you will be kept “in the loop” so that you can attend important visits like ultrasounds.

In addition, if your Gestational Surrogate is carrying twins, you will add another doctor (unless her regular OB is part of a high-risk OB practice group): She will supplement visits to the OB/GYN with visits to a Perinatologist. The Perinatologist’s job is to look for any indications of pre-term delivery. They worry about this issue so that you (and we at Creative Family Connections!) don’t have to. The incidence of pre-term pregnancies is much higher with twins, and our goal is to avoid twins in the NICU. Also, multiples are inherently higher risk pregnancies. Therefore, if your Gestational Surrogate becomes pregnant with multiples, she will see the Perinatologist regularly throughout the pregnancy.

Shortly before birth, we will contact the hospital staff to work out the procedures for your delivery and hospital stay. We will develop a “Birth Plan” with the hospital that is acceptable to you and your Gestational Surrogate, and to the key staff at the hospital. Our goal is to ensure that you are recognized as the legal parents to make medical decisions for the baby, and that everything goes as smoothly as possible during your stay in the hospital.