... Because Everyone Can Build a Family

Here at CFC we are always looking for ways to sweeten the journey – for our Intended Parents AND our surrogates. In that vein, we are very happy to announce our brand new Exclusive Gestational Carrier Program, which offers our GC candidates a $250 bonus upon matching!

Our extensive GC pre-screening program gives both our GC candidates and Intended Parents peace of mind. Through our caring and comprehensive process, we take the guesswork out of matching. We work with each candidate one-on-one from the very day that they apply to become a surrogate at CFC. During our pre-screening process we will get to know each candidate individually by asking all of the important questions, having ongoing relevant discussions, doing an in-home visit, and a through a specialized matching process. The vast majority of our GC program participants pass their full medical and psychological screenings once matched to Intended Parents, because we take the time to do a thorough pre-screen – including a pre-approval from the Intended Parents’ clinic prior to matching! Because we are a law firm that also provides full service surrogate matching, our surrogates and parents tell us that they get the best of both worlds when they work with us.

Every GC candidate accepted into our program will be offered the opportunity to become an “exclusive” candidate. This means that at the time we begin our full pre-screening process, she would agree to withdraw any applications pending at any other firms or agencies and she would not consider any other opportunities or offers to become a surrogate, pending a match with CFC. Once she is approved to move forward for matching to CFC Intended Parents, she will receive a $250 bonus!

Because we do not have a browsable “database” of available surrogates, we carefully screen, select, and support each GC individually and customize our surrogate searches so that your Intended Parents are the ones you have dreamt about – and vice versa! We closely match each of our candidates to Intended Parents that share the same views on important pregnancy issues, and also make matches based on personality and lifestyle. We want this to be a 2-way relationship that works for both you and the Intended Parents.

The entire Creative Family Connections team loves what we do, and we care about you – the carrier. By working with us, you will get to know our full team. We will never make you feel like just a name on a profile – we support you from day one! We are dedicated and excited about sharing the journey with our GCs and our IPs and want to make your journey safe, happy, legal and ethical.