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“What is actually happening with my search? Why does it feel like I can’t see any progress?”

As an example, let’s take a month where 175 women fill out our pre-application and apply the general percentages mentioned previously. Please be aware that the following example is simply a snapshot of a “typical” month, and not a prediction of exact numbers for any given period of time going forward.

  • From our starting place of 175 new applicants, approximately ​44 women will move on to qualify for and fill out the full application.
  • Of those 44 applicants, approximately 15 applicants will qualify to continue on to enter our official internal CFC screening program, which includes collection of her doctor’s form and medical records, review by an IVF Center physician, reference calls, and an in-home interview.
  • Of those 15 candidates, approximately 7 candidates will drop out of the program before screening is complete, leaving 8 candidates for consideration.
  • Of those 8, approximately half will be disqualified by us for not meeting our internal standards, leaving 4 women to become matchable surrogate candidates – which is roughly 2% of the initial 175 pre-applications that we received.​

* Keep in mind that the supply of surrogates is an evolving stream, not a stagnant pool. As screening for some candidates carries over from one month to the next, we may, at times, have as many as 10 or 12 candidates in the final screening phase. Not all of these candidates will finish screening and become matchable in the same timeframe. And, as some candidates fail out each month, new candidates come in. It is also important to note that although some candidates are able to move quickly in obtaining their medical records, etc, there are others who are not able to complete our screening process for many weeks, or even several months.