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Bonus Information

Creative Family Connections offers a wonderful bonus for sending your friends or other potential surrogates to us. We are also pleased to offer a bonus to our current surrogates for women they send who are qualified candidates.

​Potential Surrogate Recruiting Bonus – Receive up to $700

​1 – Receive $150 when your friend completes her online forms and chooses the “Exclusive GC” option.
2 – Receive $500 when the candidate is medically cleared by the fertility center and signs her GC contract.
3 – Recruit a qualifying candidate to be entered into a monthly drawing for a $50 Visa gift card.

Please share the following application link with anyone you wish and be sure to remind them to note that you sent them! www.becomeasurrogatemother.com
It may be early for you to consider a second journey with your Intended Parents, or new Intended Parents. If this is something you would consider, we would love to support you for a second journey. CFC offers the following to our surrogates when they come back for a repeat journey.

Repeat CFC Surrogate Bonus – Total $500

​1 – Receive $250 at the time of submitting your new application.
2 – Receive $250 after you have passed medical screening, and sign the GC Contract.