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Coronavirus & Your Surrogacy Journey:
Creative Family Connections is currently conducting all in-home visits via Zoom videoconference.


Why We Do A Surrogate In-Home Visit

Our surrogate in-home interview is the perfect way to get to know you and your family, and also for you to get to know us! We feel that coming to meet you in person is simply the right thing to do – for everyone! We want you to be able to think of us as “real” women you can turn to and trust. We are going to have a relationship for a long time, after all, as we help you on your surrogacy journey. We pride ourselves on having a real personal connection with our intended parents and surrogates, and we are going to be there for you every step of the way.

What to Expect At Your Surrogate In-Home Visit

We will go over your surrogacy application with you, and triple confirm that we have up-to-date and correct responses from you about what you want in your journey. In particular, we will want to talk about the kind of intended parents you want to help, the level of communication and contact you envision with your intended parents during the pregnancy and afterward, and your feelings on the pregnancy issues, such as genetic testing and termination in the event of a Down Syndrome or similar condition diagnosis, or severe defects. We feel that nothing takes the place of a personal face-to-face conversation when discussing issues as important as these for your journey. It is also important that we meet all adults who live in the home with you, so we can get to know them and help answer their questions. We want to ensure that just as you are committed to supporting your IPs, your spouse, partner, or other friends or family living in your home are committed to supporting you during the surrogate pregnancy.

Finally, we want to see the home environment where you will spend most of your time during the pregnancy. Remember, we aren’t looking for “fancy” and our own homes are definitely not perfect! We simply want to see that you and your family live in a warm, clean, happy home. Toys on the floor when you have young kids are totally to be expected. Overtly dirty, extremely cluttered, or unsafe living conditions are not. We ask that you present your home to us as if your intended parent or parents were coming to visit! 

What We Are Looking For

  • A clean and healthy home
  • A happy, family-oriented environment
  • A non-smoking home
  • A safe neighborhood
  • A well-cared-for home and yard

Scheduling Your In-Home Visit

We will work with you as best we can to schedule your visit at a time that works well for you (and your partner if applicable). We know that it can be challenging to make arrangements for all adults to be home at the same time. Keep in mind that as a gestational surrogate, you will need to have some flexibility during the day for appointments during the cycling phase of the journey for local morning monitoring appointments and appointments during the pregnancy.

Have a question? Email us at recruiting@creativefamilyconnections.com