... Because Everyone Can Build a Family

Sometimes, GC candidates want to know why we do an in-home interview. We know that not all agencies go to this extent in their screening process, and we want to assure you that it’s to everyone’s benefit.

Why We Do it

First and foremost, we want to meet you in person. We feel that coming to meet you is simply the right thing to do – for everyone involved! We want you to be able to think of us as “real” people. We are going to have a relationship for a long time, after all. We pride ourselves on a personal connection with our parents and surrogates, and we are going to be there for you every step of the way.

What to Expect

We want to go over your application with you in person, and ask you any questions that we may have about your responses. In particular, we will want to talk about the type(s) of families you want to help, the level of communication and contact you envision with the IPs during the pregnancy and afterward, and your feelings on the “tough” pregnancy issues such as genetic testing and termination. We feel that nothing takes the place of a personal face-to-face conversation when discussing issues as important as these. It is also important that if you have a spouse, partner, or other support person who will be living in your home during the surrogacy, that this person be present for the in-home visit if at all possible. We want to ensure that just as you are committed to supporting your IPs, your spouse, partner, or support person is committed to supporting you during a pregnancy.

Finally, we want to see the environment where you will spend the vast majority of your time during the pregnancy. We want you to know that we are not looking for “fancy” – we are simply hoping to see a warm, clean, happy home. Toys on the floor when you have young kids are to be expected. Overtly dirty or unsafe conditions are not.

What We Are Looking For

To help you prepare, here is a overview of what we are looking for:

  • A clean and healthy home
  • A happy, family-oriented environment
  • A non-smoking home
  • A safe neighborhood
  • Well-cared-for property

Use your best judgment and we are sure that your visit will be an enjoyable and positive experience for all of us!

Please note, we are a law firm, and we work full-time hours during the work week. For this reason, our in-home interviews are scheduled during regular business hours, Monday – Friday. We know that it can be challenging to make arrangements to be home during a work day, but please keep in mind that as a Gestational Surrogate, you will need to have some flexibility during the day for appointments during pregnancy. We will work with you as best we can to schedule your visit during a lunch break or at a time that works well for you during any week day.