... Because Everyone Can Build a Family
“Everyone has good intentions, but your formula for finding the surrogate is GOLD!”
– Josh and Rick
“Let me try to say how we feel in words: Having our babies was the best present we got…ever! And you are the ones who started it all.
We couldn’t have done it without you. So we want to thank you. From our hearts.”
– S&O
We certainly have built a “Dream Team” in our endeavor to become parents. If we have not said it enough, thank you, for all of the wonderful work that you have done on our behalf.
– David
They were there for us from beginning to end, with empathy, efficiency and effectiveness. They’ve helped us plan, they’ve helped us implement, and they’ve helped us solve the unexpected hiccups. Today we are the proud parents of a little ball of fire. We couldn’t have done it without you, Creative Family Connections. Un grand merci!
– M&V.
“The whole team at CFC has been incredible. They were extremely knowledgeable about the surrogacy process and raised issues that I had not even anticipated. They were there for me and took care of all the details, from the legal aspects to the details of my hospital visits. I cannot imagine going through this process without the support and expertise of CFC.”
– Paul
You guys have the absolutely best job in the world: helping people fulfill their dreams. What you do is more than “Assisted Reproductive Technology.” It is also “Reproductive Rights” – you are always pushing the envelope on behalf of gay rights issues!
– Brent
“Words will never be able to truly express how grateful we are to have found you and work with all of you in making our family complete. We look at Lauren each day and are so thankful for her. She truly is a joy and bright spot in all of our lives. She really does complete our family!”- B&C
We are so incredibly grateful for all you’ve done for us. Really, words can’t express how wonderful you have been to work with and how completely lucky we feel to be dads. We always thought of the surrogacy process as a leap of faith, a process about relationships, medical technology, and chance where so much can go wrong. And the fact that this all unfolded so smoothly seems miraculous. But we know that your work, from finding our surrogate, to helping the hospital with the birth certificate, has been so critical. Thank you!
– A&C
I cannot say enough about Diane and her colleagues. They are always kind, courteous, and tolerant of a client’s idiosyncrasies…The synergy that this team achieves is truly remarkable.
– Daniel
I’m amazed and thrilled.  Thank you for being a piece in this extraordinary puzzle. Without you, things would not have turned out in the wonderful way that they have. You play an extraordinary role in the creation of families and we are lucky to have found you to help us create ours.”
– Mary
“Thank you” is so inadequate for all that you and the CFC family have done for us. I felt very cared for throughout the process, even the hard bits.
The baby should be here any day now…
I just squealed (!!!)
– N