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I have recently finished my second surrogacy journey with CFC. They have made both experiences so amazing! They were truly there every step of the way and were always there if needed to take care of EVERYTHING! It allowed the IPs and I to thoroughly enjoy every second of the journeys. I can not say enough great things about the case managers who are there through most of it and are always willing to step in for anything needed! Going through the second journey during a pandemic had its difficulties, but CFC made it all possible and still one of the greatest fulfillments of my life!

Heather Myers Avatar
Heather Myers

I was a surrogate who recently delivered. From the day I was contacted by CFC to a week after I delivered , the journey was amazing. I was matched with a couple who had a lot of similarities to me and my family and that made the journey even better. To go through the journey during covid was tuff but CFC did an amazing job with communication, and I couldn’t be more thankful. Everyone I worked with from start to finish was so knowledgeable and caring and were easy to work with. I will definitely be looking forward to doing my second journey through them.

Shanice Wheeler Avatar
Shanice Wheeler

We had a wonderful experience with Creative Family Connections when we used them on our journey. They are extremely knowledgeable and responsive. The surrogate they placed us with was a wonderful person and a perfect match for us.

Seth Eichenholtz Avatar
Seth Eichenholtz

CFC was very helpful during my journey. They answered any questions I had promptly, and walked me through each step of the entire journey. They were spot on with the matching process also. Overall, I had a great experience.

Cierra Goode Avatar
Cierra Goode

I was a surrogate through CFC and I cannot say enough about how pleasant of a journey I had. Everyone was super friendly and helpful, the match that I made with the IPs was fantastic. If I decide to do another journey it will be with CFC.

Melody Hatton Avatar
Melody Hatton

I could go on and on about my positive experience with Creative Family Connections. They were the perfect choice for my surrogacy journey. They had every step under control. From matching me with amazing intended parents, to logistics, and simple questions throughout my journey. I really couldn’t be happier with my journey and I owe it all to CFC and their team! Each one of them works so hard to provide a smooth journey from beginning to end and it shows!

Kara Kansler Avatar
Kara Kansler

This company has the best case managers! Jenn is absolutely amazing and made my journey so easy. This company treats their surrogates with the most respect and compassion. They also matched me with the best intended parents. I’m so grateful for this company and the life long relationships I have made because of them. I wouldn’t have wanted to work with any other company!

Rhonda Creegan Avatar
Rhonda Creegan

Being a surrogate was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I got matched with an amazing couple and was so happy to be able to help them create a family! This company is so easy to work with and are very friendly and helpful! I would recommend to anyone considering surrogacy.

Katrina starley Avatar
Katrina starley