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As a second time surrogate I went through CFC for my second journey. This agency was more hands on and supportive. Every email or text was answered immediately and I never felt overlooked or “like another number” to them. I felt like the agency personally knew who I was and where I was in my journey. My case manager checked in with every appointment and was even present for some of them to add support to both myself and my IPs. There is not one bad thing I can say about this agency! I would highly highly recommend them to both GCs or intended parents.

Donna L Avatar
Donna L

We had an excellent experience with Creative Family Connections! Our initial consultation with the founder, Diane Hinson, gave us much hope and made us feel like we could make our dream come true. She generously met with us multiple times, providing useful advice on various matters, and we felt her warm support throughout the entire process. We had the pleasure of working with a wonderful case manager (Morgan), who provided comprehensive guidance throughout the journey and stayed in close touch, answering our questions at each step of the process. She served as a go-between for the gestational carrier and us in the early stages, and she liaised with the fertility clinic and the delivery hospital on our behalf. The legal team (Michelle and Jen) were also highly competent, answering numerous questions about the legal documents that they prepared on our behalf, including the agreement with the gestational carrier and the court order affirming our parentage, which was processed just in the nick of time as our child decided to arrive two weeks earlier than expected!

Gaurav Mathur Avatar
Gaurav Mathur

I cannot say enough great things about CFC! If you’re wanting to be a surrogate, this is the place to go. They make sure to take every measure possible to match you to the perfect couple, they are incredibly responsive, and the staff is AMAZING. I recently finished my first journey & would do it again in a heartbeat because all the ladies at CFC made it the best experience possible!

Jasmin Atwood Avatar
Jasmin Atwood

We found CFC by attending the MHB conference in San Francisco. That conference gave us the opportunity to learn a ton of information and “shop” many surrogacy agencies and IVF clinics at once. Diane Hinson, CFC’s founder, hosted a seminar and from that hour we were locked in in working with CFC. We asked them for a “one-on-one” and met with Diane, Robin, and Jen that afternoon. They answered our questions and we knew that we had to go with CFC if we wanted to work with the best in the field. They held our hands and got us through our first journey and our son was born in May. CFC is a law firm surrogacy agency and the legal contracts and parentage paperwork are the things that matter most and have to get done right. All of it could not have gone smoother. We had an amazing first journey with CFC and can’t wait to start sibling journeys with them as well.

Dylan Peralta Avatar
Dylan Peralta

We highly, highly recommend CFC! We had an amazing surrogacy journey thanks to their hard work and dedication, much better than what we anticipated. Everyone involved in our case was very friendly, professional, knowledgeable and willing to run the extra mile to make the process a seamless and stress free one for us. We had the absolute peace of mind of being in very experienced, ethical and excellent hands all the time.

Ludwing Salamanca Avatar
Ludwing Salamanca

I've just finished my first journey with CFC and, as a surrogate, I have nothing but good things to say about everyone on the staff that I had contact with. After my application was submitted I was contacted very quickly, and had all my initial questions answered. I was matched with a wonderful couple, who have become like family during the journey. I understand that there are surrogates and intended parents that choose to have less contact, and CFC matches accordingly. I'm 13 days post partum and already have a trip booked to spend a week with the parents and their sweet baby. It was a PERFECT match for me. My case manager was Jenn, and she was nothing short of amazing!! She had every one of my doctor appointments on her calendar and followed up every single time. There was never any waiting or wondering, she was on top of it all. Jenn is an awesome advocate for surrogates, as well as intended parents. Payments and reimbursements were always paid very quickly. I don't have a single complaint. If you're thinking about surrogacy, call CFC, you'll be happy you did!!

Jodi Wilson Avatar
Jodi Wilson

I just finished my first GC journey. It was the best experience I could ever have. Nikki was my recruiter, and was super awesome from start to finish. The first time I applied I didn't fully understand the questions and was denied. I emailed Nikki and she allowed me to do it again. She also matched me with the most perfects Ip's. Jenn was my case manager throughout the whole thing. One word, FANTASTIC! She never let me go with unanswered questions and always made me feel comfortable in the hardest situations. She has truly become a friend to me and my family. Love, love, love CFC. 🙂

Valerie Gauna Avatar
Valerie Gauna

positive review I was a gestational carrier in 2015. Had a beautiful experience. Baby girl is healthy and happy with her mommy! We keep in touch and see each other every year around baby’s birthday. Best thing I ever did. ❤️

Jennifer Huelas Avatar
Jennifer Huelas