Surrogate Repeat Journeys

Surrogate Repeat Journeys

Are you considering a repeat journey with the same surrogate from your first journey? Intended parents often want to embark on a sibling surrogate journey with their surrogate because they have developed a connection and basis for trust with their surrogate. While some intended parents have this intention from the start of their journeys, others decide later that they would like another child to support and love. The same applies for surrogates – Some surrogates feel they only want to undergo one surrogacy journey, while others know in their heart that they would love to do another repeat journey with their same intended parents or sometimes, new intended parents.

Creative Family Connections is here to support you and help provide the knowledge you need to embark on a next surrogacy journey successfully, with or without your previous surrogate or intended parents!


What is a surrogacy sibling journey? 

A sibling surrogacy journey is a journey that happens after a first surrogacy journey is already completed. When an intended parent has completed a surrogacy journey, but now wants to start another journey so their child can have a sibling, they are undergoing a sibling journey.

Many gestational surrogates find the experience so fulfilling that they are excited to do a second journey. If health conditions and age allow, a second or third surrogacy journey can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. In some cases, a surrogate will choose to be a surrogate for the same intended parents, helping them grow their family. Sometimes, a surrogate will be matched to new, deserving intended parents for another surrogacy journey.

Benefits of repeat surrogate journeys for the surrogate and intended parents

Repeat surrogate journeys hold benefits for both the surrogate and intended parents. Surrogates possess a commendable sense of selflessness that grows by helping more intended parents turn their dream into a reality.

At Creative Family Connections, many of our gestational surrogates often describe their journey as awe-inspiring and transformative. The moment of seeing your intended parents hold their baby for the first time is indescribable! These feelings sometimes motivate a surrogate to want to pursue a surrogacy sibling journey for their intended parents. Surrogates who have positive experiences with their intended parents and surrogacy agency may feel encouraged to come back for a repeat journey.

For intended parents, a repeat experience with the same surrogate allows for the continued growth of their family and continued relationship with their surrogate. If the intended parents are able to match again with their same surrogate, they often are able to develop their relationship even more. This feeling of closeness to the surrogate can help intended parents feel like they are a part of their baby’s growth and pregnancy, rather than feeling on the outside of it all.

Will I qualify to become a surrogate again? 

Whether you are a first-time surrogate or interested in a repeat journey, you will need to meet an agency and IVF Clinic’s basic requirements. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine, or ASRM, sets the guideline of no more than five previous deliveries. On occasion, exceptions are made. It’s still essential that you speak with your doctor and surrogacy agency as different situations can impact your ability to do another surrogacy journey.

Get support from Creative Family Connections 

Whether you’re considering a second, third, or fourth surrogacy journey, you are among an incredible group of women considering a repeat surrogacy. If you and your intended parents want to continue on another surrogacy journey, know that our team at Creative Family Connections will support you every step of the way.

Feel free to fill out CFC’s application for gestational surrogacy online if you’re interested in starting another surrogacy journey. Or, contact a CFC team member today to learn more about surrogacy requirements and what it’s like to work with us.