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5 Reasons to Work with Creative Family Connections as Your Surrogacy Agency

If you are ready to become an Intended Parent(s) in the Surrogacy journey, you have a lot to think about. Going through the possible surrogacy agencies and choosing the one that is right for you is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life, as it can greatly affect the outcome of the process and your future happiness. But how do you know if an agency is really the best one for you? It actually doesn’t have to be quite as overwhelming and scary as you may fear. Choose Creative Family Connections! We are the right choice for you for many reasons, including:

#1 We have a solid reputation in the industry. You don’t want to be anyone’s first client. Ask any agencies you are considering how long they have operated and how many successful Surrogacy journeys they have facilitated. Be sure to read online reviews and check for any lawsuits filed against an agency.

#2 We are experienced and open to working with anyone who wants to be a parent. How sad that in 2019 there are still people, even agencies, that do not believe any loving person should be a parent. This is not how we run our agency. In fact, we have years of experience finding a Gestational Surrogate for single individuals as well as couples in the LGBTQ community.

#3 We work internationally. Many Intended Parents choose to work with us to match with a Surrogate Mother in another country. Really, international surrogacy is still very similar to the domestic surrogacy process. You’ll go through the same steps of screening, matching, embryo transfer, and hospital experience. We are an experienced international surrogacy agency that will be there to aid you every step of the way.

#4 We have a rigorous screening process. We perform medical and psychological screening on all Surrogates before introducing them to you. A low percentage of applicants make this that far. We always perform financial and criminal checks on appliacants as well.

#5 We make it easy for you to hear from past clients. You have every right to find out as much information about everyone involved in this journey as possible. You want our past clients to tell you what it is really going to be like!

You don’t want just anyone; you want the best! Reach out to Creative Family Connections to begin your journey. Do not wait another day!

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