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Creative Family Connections has been helping gay Intended Parents to become intended parents through surrogacy for more than a dozen years. In fact, our very first client was a prospective gay dad, and every year we help more and more LGBT Intended Parents build their families through surrogacy.

We are proud to be recognized as a leader in comprehensive surrogacy services for the LGBT community, and particularly proud to be ranked as one of the very top surrogacy companies in the world by parents who have completed the surrogacy journey, as reported on the international Men Having Babies website and SurrogacyAdvisor.com!


Even as we celebrate the progress in today's changing world, we are fully aware that we have not arrived at the finish line. Therefore, as an Intended Parent who is a member of the LGBT community, you have special concerns and needs that need to be addressed. One of those is legal, and that is why our integrated matching and legal team can be so helpful. A firm with experience in the field can help you navigate the legal, medical, and emotional components that come together to create a successful surrogacy journey. 
Diane Hinson is recognized both in the US and internationally as a leading legal authority on issues surrounding gay parenting in the US. She is an elected Fellow of the American Academy of Assisted Reproduction Technology Attorneys, a member of the American Bar Association's Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technologies, and a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine's Legal Professional Group. Diane is regularly sought after by the media, the research community, and academia for her opinions on issues relating to reproductive rights as they relate to the LGBT community. She and her team created and maintain the "State-by-State Surrogacy Law" interactive map, an oft-cited industry resource. Creative Family Connections obtains pre-birth parentage orders for its same-sex parents whenever possible - and has obtained some of the first such rulings in Maryland.


Creative Family Connections is actively engaged in the LGBT community as it relates to reproductive rights and gay parenting. It is who we are. We are pro bono counsel to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) on surrogacy issues and have written many of the sections on surrogacy and assisted reproduction on HRC's website.
Diane has worked with both HRC and Family Equality Council on pro-surrogacy, pro-gay, and gender-neutral legislation that has been introduced in both Maryland and the District of Columbia. She also worked with them behind-the-scenes to make sure that the Affordable Care Act did not exclude surrogacy from maternity coverage, given the disastrous effect any exclusion would have on LGBT parents. Diane has also written the surrogacy section on Virginia Equality’s website.


Diane and the members of the Creative Family Connections team have been regular guest instructors on surrogacy issues at the "Maybe Baby" class for prospective LGBT parents, sponsored by Rainbow Families, DC. In addition, Diane and her team give workshops on surrogacy issues at Rainbow Families' bi-annual conference. Diane has also spoken about issues related to surrogacy journeys by gay parents at conferences on parenting sponsored by Men Having Babies and by Families Thru Surrogacy. In 2013, Creative Family Connections gave a stand-alone workshop on surrogacy at HRC headquarters that was co-hosted by Rainbow Families and CT Fertility. 

Creative Family Connections has met with IVF clinics to discuss their policies on working with non-traditional families. As a result, we have helped open doors that historically were closed to the LGBT community. We are a proud sponsor of LGBT organizations including Rainbow Families DC, the Human Rights Campaign, Family Equality Council, the DC Center for the LGBT Community, and Men Having Babies. Creative Family Connections participates in the Gay Parenting Assistance Program sponsored by Men Having Babies. GPAP is a financial assistance program for gay men which seeks to promote the affordability of surrogacy and other parenting-related services. Creative Family Connections is more than just supportive of our non-traditional families. It is one of our passions, and is a large part of our identity.


Creative Family Connections is proud to partner with Men Having Babies on its new initiative, the Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP). The first of its kind, GPAP provides eligible prospective gay parents with grants and access to discounts and free services through its collaboration with agencies, clinics, and others.
CFC participates as a GPAP discounted services provider. On a limited basis, CFC also offers its complete matching, support and legal support services to an eligible Intended Parent on a pro bono basis. Learn more about Men Having Babies’ Gay Parenting Assistance Program by clicking HERE.

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